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Latest reviews in Architects

Excellent company. The owner came out measured the job and scheduled it to where everything was done seamlessly. I will be recommending
Davey Depeace, February 22, 2024
EMA Performed a visual structural assessment of our building. After we had issues with the boat deck to our property, and pinpointed areas of concern…
Jason, January 10, 2024
EMA Structural Forensic Engineers was retained to complete the structural inspection of our condo building. They did an excellent job for our…
Mat Stefawitz, Seaside Towers, July 30, 2023
EMA Structural Forensic Engineers performed a structural inspection for our twenty-story building. in Daytona Beach The engineers were very ethical…
Anjali Nazaire, October 12, 2022
EMA Engineers performed various fire damaged truss inspections, repair plans along with doing structural damage assessments for our various buildings…
Ramon Salazar, October 12, 2022

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