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test delete me, May 27, 2022
I ordered the Goti Fry with a glass of Thums Up and enjoyed it well. The dish had a soothing aroma and tasted incredibly delicious.
Gerald Specter, April 26, 2022
Awesome place I ordered the steamed shrimp dumplings which were the best I've ever had and their pad thai was top notch place is very clean…
Lawrence Moody, April 22, 2022
Had the shrimp dumplings which are the best I've ever had and their pad tihai was also amazing spicy and very fresh also only took 5 minutes…
Lawrence Moody, April 22, 2022
I ordered the Chicken Pulav and enjoyed it well with friends. The delicious flavors are stuck in my mind as a happy memory.
Kate Winston, April 15, 2022

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