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1. Application and acceptance of terms

The following terms and conditions (hereinafter "terms") apply to the use of the website called Yably (hereinafter "Yably", “website”). This website displays reviews, ratings and contact details of various businesses in order to help people (“users”) find relevant and comprehensive information. Furthermore, users can also express their opinion on certain companies by leaving reviews on Yably.

Yably is owned and operated by S.C. Cylex Tehnologia Informatiei International S.N.C. (“Cylex”).

By using the website, users agree to accept these terms and any amendments made to them. Thus, users take upon themselves to read these terms carefully before accessing Yably or using any of the services made available on it.

Cylex reserves the right to make further amendments to any part of these terms and conditions, whenever necessary.

2. Registration

Writing a review or uploading content on Yably requires registration or logging in with a social account (Facebook, Google+). Cylex shall not infringe upon any privacy rights or use the personal information (email address, social account) provided upon registration in any harmful way.

Nonetheless, Cylex reserves the right to send notifications as well as newsletters through email whenever necessary.

3. Content and description of service

Yably is an online platform where users can read and write reviews about businesses from various categories. Furthermore, Yably gathers, processes and displays an average of ratings from various sources to give users optimal information.

The services provided by Yably are free of charge, therefore they do not require payment.

The content on Yably consists of reviews, ratings and company details (including but not limited to: addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, descriptions, categories, images, email addresses, opening hours, company branches and other additional company information).

This content of the website consists of own information as well as information from third parties. There might be stock images on the website, only with informative purpose as well as images uploaded by users.

The reviews are provided by Cylex and by the users. In order to avoid abuses and defamation, these reviews are processed by Cylex employees. If a company owner would like to report an abuse regarding the reviews or the content uploaded by users, they can do that by sending an e-mail to the following address: info@yably.co.uk

The ratings are an average calculated from the ratings gathered from third party sources as well as those of Cylex.

Cylex, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to remove any content that is not in accordance with these terms and conditions or infringes upon personal privacy rights or any other third party rights.

All of the content presented on the website is solely intended for personal non-commercial use, thus cannot be used in commercial ways. If users intend to do the latter, they will need to acquire written permission from Yably in advance.

Furthermore, users are not allowed to publish, reproduce, re-distribute, modify, create derivative works or otherwise transfer the content and/or copyrighted information found on the website.

Accessing the website in any way that can be harmful, disruptive or it can disable the services of Yably is also forbidden. Cylex reserves the right to deny or terminate access of the users in such cases, without any notice, as well as turn to legal proceedings if it sees fit.

In case of repair or maintenance work, Cylex, reserves the right to temporarily discontinue/suspend the services of the website or limit the use of certain features, without prior notification of the users.

4. Limitation of liability

Cylex provides its services and products on an “as is” basis, therefore it cannot be held responsible in connection with the inability of using the website and its services.

Cylex shall not be liable if users or the content that they provide on its website violate any applicable laws (including copyright and trademark laws) or third party rights.

Moreover, Cylex does not take upon itself to guarantee the accuracy or validity of the information presented on the website. Thus, it shall not be accountable or liable in cases of any damages/losses associated with the accuracy/correctness/usefulness or reliability of the data transmitted or made available on the website.

Yably gathers ratings from third parties in a periodical manner, therefore the average of these ratings displayed on the website is also periodically updated.

Users agree not to hold Cylex responsible in cases of any claims/losses/damages resulting from the ratings not being updated at a given time.

Claims or disputes of any kind in relation to the above mentioned services or content shall be governed by the laws and regulations of Romania.

5. Copyrights & Trademarks

The content displayed on Yably includes copyrighted and trademarked material as well. Cylex is not accountable if users upload or use such material (including but not limited to: names, logos, trademarks, contact details etc.) in any way, except from cases when they have received express written permission from the owner of the material to do so.

Should users violate the applicable laws and regulations, Cylex reserves the right to terminate their access immediately, without prior notification.

Cylex cannot be held responsible or liable in cases of claims/losses/damages arising from or in relation with the violation of any applicable laws, regulations, including copyright and trademark laws, or any third party rights.

If you have any questions related to our T&C please contact us by e-mail address: info@yably.co.uk.