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Find the best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in United States

Latest reviews in Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants

"Eggs are my favorite and when I heard there is a new authentic Indian restaurant serving Indian-style eggs. I had to try it out, and I am…
Daniel Litt, October 11, 2022
The food and the pricing of EggHolic, the dishes are excellent in taste and extremely flavorful. My personal favorite are Egg Bhaji and Surti Gotalo.
Leroy, September 08, 2022
The dishes are so fresh and flavourful. I went there with my friends last night to have a taste of Indian Cuisine and had the best food ever!
Wade Brown, August 16, 2022
EggHolic is the best restaurant for authentic Indian cuisine. My favorite dish is Rasa Bhurji and Surti Gotala.
Hernando Rodrigues, August 01, 2022
The ambiance of this place is very authentic and makes me feel as if I am back in India. And the dishes are a street style which is what they stand…
Dwayne5, July 18, 2022

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