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It's. Fun. Driving. School. It's. Very. Fun. To. Have. It. In. The. York.
Carrie Walker, January 01, 2020
Overall, Island driving school is good. Booking lessons and the road test was the hardest part. You should look for class availability 1-2 weeks…
Tanted Erbel Vama, August 07, 2019
My experience with island driving school was amazing. I took the 5 hour class with bob and i thought it would suck since its 5 hours but he made it…
Lorenc, August 02, 2019
Best Experience Ever! I was terrified to drive but I went ahead and took the 5 hour class anyway, the instructor Rob V was fabulous and kept my…
Lisa Nicole Shulman, June 13, 2019
My driving instructor was Lenny. His patience and expertise in teaching me how to drive was exceptional. He made me feel relaxed behind the wheel and…
Erica Scotto Di Vetta, March 16, 2019

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