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Latest reviews in Video Game Stores

I’ve worked with PCs 40 years, and had to visit shops one or two times a year.
I don’t remember any that had the excellent service I received…
Fernando Salmeron, April 28, 2021
Had great service at the FYE Castleton Square store today (12/26/18). I was looking for a small fiber optic lamp and wasn't able to find it. The…
Vin Nahter Merhuser, December 26, 2018
The puzzles were well thought out and besides one puzzle that required a bit of precision, everything felt fair. This is the best team event our…
Texgix Cedor Unmatus, May 08, 2017
What did they took from gamestop
Sex Soxvin Fusmexlox, December 24, 2016
Beautiful thing. If you CARE FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT, they will care for you.
Manlox Berben Katdamdix, June 12, 2016

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