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Latest reviews in Roller Skating & Ice Skating Rinks

Great shop! Fun and friendly employees! Huge selection of new and used sports equipment!
A Paxlox Erkus, April 26, 2017
The inside of the gym looks awesome. The weight rooms are very well equipped. I can't wait to return.
Jessie Bednarski, November 01, 2010
The cardio and the weight rooms are clean. The machines are fun to use and new. The routes are fun!
Ericka Blumberg, November 01, 2010
Awesome facilities, great prices. The weight machines are clean. I never waited in line for the cardio machines.
Penelope Sova, October 22, 2010
I enjoy every lesson I learn from the trainer. You can make sure the place is clean all the time. The best thing is the affordable membership.
fanboys, October 18, 2010