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Thompson Source: Cylex | 22.01.2022
Don’t waste your time. We drove over 400 miles to hunt off of his word that the hunting was good. 4 of us hunted 8 different stands even paid more money to hunt the best stands in the afternoon. Only one hog was seen. He told us that he was putting out 2000 lbs of corn every three weeks. The feeders only go off for maybe 3 seconds and one of the feeders we sat on didn’t even go off. He has high fences on three sides of the property and he is at the very top of them. So deer have no reason to come to his property. Now he does have hogs come in at night. Right up to your tent. But he will not allow any shooting after dark. And he advertises plenty of firewood. Well there is if you want to scavenge for it out of old brush piles he has previously burned. We spent 1050 dollars to hunt one day and we would have had better luck winning the power ball than seeing a deer on this property. After the afternoon hunt we decided to leave. We were disgusted with only seeing one hog all day. We told him about the feeders and that no deer was coming thru and he never said sorry about feeders or anything. I learned a valuable lesson to never trust a retired car salesman lol. Don’t waste your time and money.
Hawkeye Source: Cylex | 06.11.2021
Very good
Been hunting there since 2004, and always had an awesome time. I've harvested deer and hogs there and it never disappoints. Even had a chance to harvest javelinas and turkeys. Had the occasional coyote, bobcat and fox come out. I'll never have experiences like I've had there.
Justin.w Source: Cylex | 20.12.2020
If i could give less then one star i would do not waist your money here !!! The guy has no deer sat for 11 hrs didnt even see a deer basically took my money !!

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