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I have had very good service for years. I need ( I am handicaped) my paper delivered inside my front porch and they have been willing to do that.
Tunlaw, April 11, 2022
I used to deliver the Buffalo Evening News when I was a 13 year old kid in 1965. Sorry to hear they don’t care anymore. I never had a complaint in…
Bob Richardson, January 04, 2021
hi I,m writing from Italy to testify that I was one of yours customers, many years ago i bought an image that is still on the wall of my…
ADRIANO, December 13, 2020
As a child growing up in Swampscott, MA it was a family treat and special occasion to eat at the Hawthorn By Sea in Swampscott as well as its other…
Patrick Dennis, October 25, 2020
I just wanted to comment on our newspaper on William street in goshen for years and this is the best deliverer we ever had.......he’s…
Joan h, May 05, 2020

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