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Love the Paris Cinema. Left side.
Hurtmytinybicock, October 18, 2020
I and my wife bought a sofa at your shopping center. I could see that you served excellent service and quality products. It was a great place to have…
Joey Carlson, April 22, 2020
This was the first time I came to this place. I was not expecting that this movie house would be this relaxing for me. The quality of service they…
Tracey Walker, April 21, 2020
What a nice place to go! The staff was very helpful and very accommodating. I also observed that the facility was clean and organized. It encouraged…
Deanna Washington, April 21, 2020
I should strongly recommend this shopping center to all of my family! A week ago, I went to this place for the first time. I didn't know where…
Zaynab Mohammed, April 15, 2020

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