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Back in the 1980's this was my choice of fishing boats in Corpus Christi, Texas. I'm in my 70's now and long for those…
Susan l Thomann , December 20, 2020
The facilities are all cool. There are large open spaces, there are a lot of machines here.
Serena Stainback, November 08, 2010
This gym is so cool, I am happy I joined in. So many machines to choose from. The community is strong.
Julianne Shisler, November 01, 2010
I had a great time, the meal was fantastic. I was amazing by how good the service was, super fast.
Serenity, October 12, 2010
When I was little girl I wanted to be a gimnast. I know that it's a hard work to became a good one. How I heard about this team there are good…
Ammy Johnson, September 21, 2010