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Latest reviews in Artificial Plants & Flowers

This Hobby Lobby Store is as close to Heaven as Earth ever gets. Exceptional employees; knowlegable, helpful, available. Top-quality merchandise,…
Robert, March 13, 2021
Love hobby lobby
Linda Susan Lawrence, April 04, 2020
Thank you so much for this flower shop. They really have the best selection of flowers and a fantastic flower arrangement compared to others. I could…
Ollie Bowers, April 02, 2020
Beautiful Silk Flowers! They were ready in less than 2 days. I needed some flowers to bring out the living room decor.
Poxnik Mae Pexlan, August 09, 2016
ThermaLeaf Plants safest for all kinds of people, Because, Fire safe chemicals impregnated into the ThermaLeaf plant materials during manufacturing.…
Bragix Busven Casxus, May 26, 2016

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