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Latest reviews in Adult Education

Wonderful school. Tuition is cheap and quality is very good! And not many students in class!
Lian Yang, March 26, 2021
I really enjoyed your book. I found the first half pretty in-depth and honest as to what was going on in your life, While reading at times I had to…, March 30, 2020
Go CPR Queens is an amazing company with fabulous training courses. They have great instructors and an exceptionally courteous staff. I've…
Hor Poxa Gexxi, May 04, 2017
These Microsoft training classes are perfect for my career. The technology they use is of the highest quality.
raemon, October 12, 2010
Dancing classes have always been fun for me but I like the puppy training and the cooking classes also. As a working adult, these classes are…
anemona, October 12, 2010

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